Hi My name is Emily Bandicoot and I am starting this group just for fun and a place to 

share art and ideas. I want this to be a place were you can come and chat and just hang out with friends while sharing your amazing art work! All are welcome just ask for an invite and I will send it to you with no problum! 

 The art in the folder Emily Bandicoot fan art dose not belong to me BUT I do own the charicters in the folder they are art trades that I have done on my Deviant art witch I would love if u go check out the originals,please check out the original artis and give them love and suport have a nice day! 

Rules for the group
Pleas do not spreed hate be nice pleas :)                         

No stolen Art                                                                   

  post as much as u like (but keep it decent)                     

 Mutual art is ok as long as it is not way to out there         

This group dose not have to be just for my OC it is a place to post all kinds of wonderful art       


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