Halo on Fire prologue 1

So, I started uploading my fancomic about Nazo, Halo on Fire, to my DeviantArt this year and it's going strong!

I thought I would upload it here too in case anyone is interested.

DA description:

So yeah, to start off, this is heavily inspired by Chakra X's Nazo Unleashed (Fantastic fan animation, please watch it if you haven't already.), it was intended as a fan tribute sequel to it, and was this long before Wrath of Nazo was a thing.
This comic goes a long way back, as a project that I started over more than half a decade ago. Over the course of these years, I wrote a lot of fanfiction which eventually led to being the foundation to this comic.
That fanfiction was going off many of the ideas that were laid down in the story of NU, such as Nazo being created out of negative Chaos energy.
And last year, on the 14th of January, I gathered all these fanfics I wrote and rebooted the whole thing, but kept many of the ideas that were established in them, and re-created many of those ideas.
I never thought it would evolve into anything great, but with the help of a few of my friends, a year's worth of tweaking ideas here and there made it a lot better.
Now, this isn't gonna stay true to NU in the sense that there won't be as many fights. That's not what this is about. It focuses a lot more on the characters and the story, though there will be a few fights along the way..

Also, if you can't stand inconsistent art, you might wanna skip over this, because trust me, there's gonna be a LOT of it. Later on down the line in the story, it kinda parodies religion, so if you are sensitive to those types of things, you have been warned...
Be aware that there is going to be violence and strong language too. 
Just to be clear, I don't own any of these characters or anything, there will be some OCs of mine later, but that's it.

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