Halo on Fire prologue 4

So, I started uploading my fancomic about Nazo, Halo on Fire, to my DeviantArt this year and it's going strong!

I thought I would upload it here too in case anyone is interested.

DA description:

The biggest twist in this comic is that there is gonna be two Nazos, in a sense, as is seen here, or at least two of his personalities. The second of the two, Pseudo, is the one that led the events in Nazo Unleashed, whereas Halo on Fire is gonna follow the adventure of the other one, who is simply referred to as Nazo. (Might seem weird, but there's a reason for that.)
Nazo is the more rational side, whereas Pseudo is the...chaotic side.
And yes, I'm aware I made the narration Shakespearean-level of dramatic, but honestly? I think it's ironically fitting.

Keep up with the latest updates to the story: https://nazokg.deviantart.com/gallery/65381083/Halo-on-Fire

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  • Great work!
  • Amazing!!!
    • I love sonic!!!
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