Echo Fennec posted a status
Mar 10
I need some help... next year around October I may be moving across the country to go to an arts school.
The first step in achieving my dream job.
Problem is that even with 3 jobs I'm not making enough to actually live.

I am open for commissions at any given point for nearly anything. Please feel free to message me (or tell others about my work) and leave a comment below if you are interested in commissioning me any time. :)
Every bit helps and is greatly appreciated <3
Thank you all so much~

(Deviant art: @Echo-Shock)
(Instagram: @Echo Fennec)

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  • I only have 2 points on da but imma give them to u cause y not?

    • That is one of the nicest things I have ever been given. 
      Truly I can't thank you enough for that sweet gesture! :) 

  • You could also make a group on this site? Then people can click your group and see your art for sale? :)
  • Have you tried selling your art? You could make a website to sell it on, or sign up on etsy to sell it :)
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